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Argos CELLine
Bioreactor Flasks

Produce up to 80mg/mL of concentrated antibodies per month! Produces the equivalent amount of antibodies as 20 mice (ascites) or 14 T75 flasks.

The CELLine Bioreactor flask is a two-compartment device that separates the bioreactor into a medium and cell compartment. A 10kDa semi-permeable membrane allows a continuous diffusion of nutrients into the cell compartment while metabolic waste products diffuse back into the media compartment. The flask bottom allows for efficient gas transfer by a silicone membrane which enables the simultaneous exchange of oxygen into the flask with carbon dioxide exiting in the same manner.

Since the media resides outside the cell compartment, high quantities of antibodies can be achieved without the need for extensive downstream concentration and purification. CELLine flasks can be used continuously and do not need to be rocked, rolled or agitated in any way. It is a passive system that can be stacked in a standard CO² incubator. Ideal for research or the production of commercial antibodies.

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